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Hello everyone and welcome to my site. I have spent my whole life around farming, gardens and plants. No, that is not a picture of my home place, wish it was though.

After I quit farming I started a propagation nursery. After my initial plants were purchased I rooted and grew everything from my stock plants.

I have had a lot of trial and error and have probably killed a lot more landscape plants then I have raised and sold.

This is a dappled willow in my yard. They told me I couldn’t grow one on it’s own roots and that it would have to be grafted. This one is over 10 years old now. It need to be trimmed in this picture.

Dappled Willow

Where I Started

I actually started out in landscape plants at least fifteen years ago. It was in the spring and I had already been a peddler, selling fruits and produce in season for a few years before that.

We live in a small town and have one grocery store. I was there just as a tractor-trailer pulled in and opened it’s doors. I had already been wondering why the parking lot was packed and people were lined up outside. When the doors opened it was loaded down with 3 or 4 layers of hanging baskets, planters and plants.

They started unloading the truck and the ladies were grabbing them as they unloaded. I sat in my pickup and watched in amazement as they went crazy over these plants. I told myself right then that by the next spring I was going to have the first load in town.

What I Did

I got on the internet and started looking for a place to get hanging baskets and planters for the next spring. I bought a used 20 foot horse trailer and built slide in shelves in it. I could fill the floor and the goose neck and then two sets of shelves. I had around 70 foot of carrying space in that 20 foot trailer.

The place I found was 200 miles from home. It was worth the drive though because I could get baskets and planters that looked 5 times as good as those ladies cleaned out in 1 day. Below is part of a load that I had set up after a lot had already sold.

Plants Hanging Baskets
Planters And Hanging Baskets

I ended up making a lot of those 200 mile trips for quite a few years.

Hanging Baskets Plants And Flowers
Hanging Baskets And Bedding Plants. Some Bought and Some I Grew.
Peddling Produce
One Of My Setups Of Fresh Produce

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