How To Freeze Green Beans

I have always liked to save all of the garden produce that I can for later. I am going to explain different ways of how to freeze green beans in this article. Everyone likes to do things different and I am no exception. Some people think the only good green bean is a canned green bean. Others swear by freezing.

If I have enough freezer room I will freeze everything I can in order to keep all of the extra heat out of the kitchen, Canning requires a lot of time and expensive items. Plus canning adds a lot of heat to the house as mentioned above.

Most people swear by blanching but I don’t anymore. To blanch green beans means having lots of boiling water in the house and is also an extra step that I have decided is not necessary. In blanching, you would boil the green beans in the water for three minutes. Drain the beans and quickly put them in ice water. Drain the beans again and get rid of excess water, package and freeze.

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Green beans ready to be washed and frozen
Green Beans Ready To Be Washed And Frozen Or Canned.

The Freezing Process

Before freezing your beans you should go through them and pick out any tough beans. If the beans are not young and tender the freezing process will leave you with beans that are almost inedible. I break the green beans in half or thirds before freezing them. This is also a good time to check for tough beans. If they don’t snap with a good crisp pop then throw them away and save space in your freezer.

How To Freeze Green Beans Without Blanching

In order to freeze without blanching all you will need are young, tender green beans, water and freezer bags or containers. Wash the beans in cold water to remove any dirt or debris from the garden. Snap or cut the beans by taking off the tips of the beans. Break the beans into bite sized pieces.

Spread the green beans out on cookie sheets and freeze them for 20 to 30 minutes. Take them out of the freezer and put them in the airtight bags or containers and replace them in the freezer. You don’t want to get them out of the freezer and have way to many for your meal. You should only freeze an amount in each container that you can use at one time.

How To Freeze Green Beans With Blanching

If you are the type of person that likes to go by the book then you would want to blanch your beans before freezing. Freezing fresh green beans can be accomplished in this way and is actually the way it is supposed to be done.

You should prepare the green beans by snapping or cutting as previously mentioned.

Blanching removes any bacteria and helps stop the aging process of the bean. It also saves you a little time when cooking them later as they have already been cooked for 3 minutes.

There are 2 ways to blanch your green beans. You can immerse them in the boiling water for 3 minutes or you can steam them for 5 minutes. The lady in the video is steam blanching them.

Pot of Boiling Water
Pot Of Boiling Water

Either way, you need a pot of ice water to dip them in as soon as you drain the boiling water off of them. After boiling or steaming and cooling you should place them on baking aka cookie sheets, spread out in a single layer and is better if they are not touching each other.

Flash freeze the beans in the freezer for anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 or 5 hours. Take them out of the freezer and place them in your preferred type of freezer container in single serving sizes.

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I like the idea of freezing fresh green beans without blanching. I also must admit that the ones I have frozen don’t have the taste and quality of the ones that I have blanched in the past. Also they do not have the quality of the ones my Mom canned when I was a kid.

What is your experience with this topic on how to freeze green beans? Would you rather have them blanched or not? Do they come close to comparing with your Mom’s green beans that were always canned when you were a kid?

I would like to hear your opinions and comments. If you made it this far in my article I would like to say thanks. As you can see this is a small site so far but it will be growing as I come up with new articles.

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