How To Grow Pole Beans

I am going to be writing about how to grow pole beans today. There are two types of beans, pole and bush types. Because of a very bad back from degenerative disc disease I prefer pole beans to bush beans.

There are also other reasons that I usually grow some pole beans too. One reason is because they produce more beans over a longer period than the bush beans. Bush beans are harder to pick than the pole type as you have to stoop more.

Some Types Of Pole Beans

I like the Fortex pole beans. They are harder to find and more costly but I love them. Fortex grows a bean up to, or over 11 inches long. They are dark green firm beans that are completely stringless. Even after the seeds start to enlarge they are still tender.

I used to sell Fortex at my produce stand and would guarantee to be tender. Some folks would complain that they were going to be tough because the seeds had started growing.

I would tell them to write their name and what they cost down. I would put it in my money box and tell them if they didn’t like them to come back and get their money. Everybody always came back but didn’t want their money because they wanted more of the green beans.

My Next Favorite Pole Bean

Next on my list of pole beans is the Kentucky Blue. It is a cross between Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake. It is a very good green colored bean with straight round pods around 6 to 7 inches long. The vines usually reach 6 to 8 foot high. They grow vigorously and is usually ready to harvest a week earlier than comparable varieties.

Purple Pole Beans

I can’t remember the name of the older type that I used to grow but there is a newer one. Carminat Purple Pole Beans are better than the other one that I can’t remember anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ They are a newer type as mentioned above. Pods on these get around 8 to 9 inches long.

The reason why I liked the purple beans is because they are easy to see when picking. When you cook them they turn green just like the others.

When to plant Pole Beans

Pole beans need fairly warm soil to sprout, usually around 60 degrees. If you plant too early and the ground is too cold the seed will rot before it sprouts. Most beans require any where from 60 to 80 days till the first picking. If your area requires you to wait till the end of May to plant because of ground temperature you can expect your first picking around the end of July to the middle of August.

Pole Beans Ready For Market

How To Plant Pole Beans

I work some type of plant food into the soil before planting. Beans need mostly phosphorus and potash. They get nodules on the roots that produce their own nitrogen. When the ground is warm enough to plant you should sow the seed anywhere from 4 to 8 inches apart. I grow them in rows, so I am explaining how I do it. I plant them around an inch deep. Cover the seed and water them in. The bean seed should sprout in 8 to 10 days. Be sure to keep the weeds and grass cleaned out of the rows as soon as it starts showing.

How I Personally Trellis Pole Beans

I live in cattle country and use cattle panels to support the beans. I drive 3 steel fence posts, one at each end and one in the middle of a sixteen foot cattle panel. The next 16 foot panel is tied to the first and 2 steel fence posts are driven in the middle and other end. This goes on as long as my row is usually 60 foot long. Try to keep the panels around 5 or 6 inches off the ground so that I can reach under them if needed.

I haven’t always had the luxury of these panels, I have used baling twine before. As many posts as needed for the row length and 2 heavy posts, well anchored on the end. One strand of the baler twine stretched as tight as possible across the top of the posts. Another strand stretched as tight as possible around 6 inches from the bottom. I would then add twine from top to bottom at each plant and let the beans climb that string.

Pole Beans Need A Little Help

Pole beans need a little help starting to climb. I know I sound crazy but a bean will wrap to the right of the pole or string. You can put them to the left of the pole as many times as you want and they won’t go ahead and wrap that way. Don’t ask me why this is that way in the comments because I don’t know. It is just a fact that I have found while messing with them. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a lot more that could be covered on how to grow pole beans but I don’t want to wear you out in one setting. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you were looking for a way to freeze pole beans, you can read my article how to freeze green beans.

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Other Types Of Trellis

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There are many other ways to trellis pole beans. You can buy a pole tower that has a main pole in the middle and strings from top to bottom. With this type of trellis you just plant the beans around the bean tower.

Another type is a nylon netting that you stretch between posts. { HYDGOOHO Plant Trellis Netting 5x30ft 2-Pack Trellis Net Heavy-Duty Polyester Plant Support } pictured below.

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